Well, why 9Lines. That’s a great question. We’re a fun startup. We make fun products. We love color. We love challenging the status quo :) We don’t think outside the box. We only use boxes for packaging. (Ok. That was really bad. Please remind us to give you a free notebook if hired. And a box.) We’re growing really really fast. We’re mad about Pakistan. We have a sense of humor. We’re young. You’ll get to work at the most awesome 9Lines Studio. We goof around, but we also take what we’re doing really seriously. Did we’re mention mad about Pakistan? And generally bit mad.

Without further nonsense, here are the people we’re looking for.


You’ve gotta be really awesomely talented for this role :) We’re honestly looking for the best of the best. This is a really fun and awesome role. Based out of Lahore. The last time we hired, we received over a hundred applications for this role and then just hired two designers. (Wow. Tough huh?)

We’re looking separately for illustrators, graphic designers and animators. Please feel free to apply for which post you feel you represent best :)

Important note: Please do not email us your portfolios. Please send us your resume + a link to your blog. We can promise you one thing, that 26MB file of pictures of cats and drawings of rainbows only do one thing. They clog up our email 🙁 

It’s 2015. If you still do not have a blog/online portfolio. Get one. It’s free and easy to do. Get one at Behance. That seems to work well :)

Skills: (Other than the usual kickass, world class, dragon slaying, unicorn reviving, meme inventing, cheesecake eating, kitten loving drawing skills)

1.Photoshop, Illustrator kafi hai. Dreamweaver is a bonus :)

2. Ability to understand the look we’re known for

3. Ability to smile + Be fun + Have fun

4. Web designing knowledge (Wow. Sneaked that one in)

We’re also looking for freelancers. So if that’s your thing, email us :)

Please email us at with your resume, your link to your blog and expected CTC.