About Us

Quirky, contemporary, and infused with culture. These are just three values to describe the picturesque and playful creations by the artists Hassan Iqbal Rizvi and Saad Shahid. Since 2013, 9lines have constantly been delivering designs that convey combined traits of being everything extraordinary yet! Artistic, chic, and young spirited. Starting off the brand with go to stationery, which includes vibrant and home lifestyle pieces, they expanded on the line through creating their prints onto the fabric under a short supply chained nature and homegrown process releasing limited ready-to-wear collections.

Joining forces with their minimal-scaled team at home, they continuously strive to alter the typical social norms through their work inspired by pop culture and art fused with an ethical touch.

Since aesthetics play a crucial part in deriving the brand essence through intricate planned print work and colour combinations- this soon became their thrill to expand on-brand aesthetic work and representation, which became their core inspiration to form their expressive marketing consulting agency entitled 9solutions.

Their vision turned into a passion to modify and uplift both local and well established brands, through their expressive nature.